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I know, I'm kind of messy - but here goes... I’m an Episcopal priest serving a congregation in Metro Detroit... With a passion for gun safety... A zest for online Christian formation... A zeal for video blogging... A constant writer... A heart for those who have unintentionally harmed... A commitment to workforce housing... A love for marrying people... And an amazing wife, three kiddos and a cat named Sparrow... If you have interests in any of these areas I'd love to connect with you.


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  • St. David's Episcopal Church, 16200 W. Twelve Mile Road, Southfield, Michigan, 48076, USA

  • +011 248-557-5430


St. David's

I have served as rector of St. David's Episcopal Church in Southfield, MI for 16 years, join us Sundays in person or via zoom.

Trinity Gun Disposal

Working on the issue of unwanted gun disposal, we've made some real progress in helping rid the U.S. of unwanted firearms.


Since 2013 we have been helping people learn more about faith through our online learning courses at ChurchNext.

Oakland Housing

Helping middle income families get better housing is a challenge that Oakland Housing has been addressing for 75 years.

Hyacinth Fellowship

Because hurting others hurts us, the Hyacinth Fellowship organizes support groups and reminds us that we are not our worst mistakes.

Yaw Wedding

I have been officiating weddings for more than 20 years and continue to find joy in helping couples build lifelong relationships.

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Americans Accidentally Killed Today
Homeless Americans
Weddings Performed
  • Bird Poop

    Bird Poop

    So you finally found your dream home site! 

    You imagine sitting in the living room looking through that plate glass window at the snow-capped mountains and pristine lake below, so you call a builder who makes it happen! 

    And the first day you move in, you wake up, brew a cup of coffee, sit down in your favorite chair and look out at that lake when it happens, 

    A bird flies by and poops in the middle of your window! 

    You get up and clean it off, then the same thing happens the next day, and the next, and before you know it, you're no longer paying attention to the view, but the poop. 

    Since when has cleaning the poop become our most important job? Instead of paying attention to the view - that pristine view, the reason you built the house in the first place. 

    This Sunday, as we begin the season after Pentecost, the long green season that will take us all the way up through Advent, we run headlong into a group  religious leaders that will oppose Jesus at every turn. While they serve God and purport to know God, they fall short when they put tradition and career ahead of revelation.

    Yes, Jesus is here to reveal many things, one of the most important is for you and I to stay open to change.

    Don't let the insignificant and unimportant keep you from embracing the big picture! Shrug it off, don't pay it no mind, the main thing is keeping the main thing, the main thing!

  • Eating Fast

    Eating Fast


    When I was a teenager I ate so quickly.

    And 20 minutes later, like clockwork, I could feel it! Yes, we all know it takes about 20 minutes for us to begin feeling satiated after a meal, but time and time again I didn't pay attention to that.

    It took experience, getting older, for it to finally sink in.

    This Sunday we celebrate Pentecost. 
    For Jesus' followers, this was the time when it finally sunk in.

    They had heard him preach for years, seen him heal, feed, and stand up for righteousness.

    They had seen him die, rise from the dead, and ascend into heaven.

    This was over a period of years.

    And when they finally got it, on this iconic Jewish holiday called Pentecost we see God show up, empowering them like never before, to go out and do the works that they had witnessed.

    We ask ourselves how long will it take us to get it?

    Has our Pentecost come?
    How are we commemorating it?
    Or are we still waiting for it? For time and experience to sink in?

    I bet there is a lesson, a reminder, a red flag even, in your life that you have been putting off, denying, and not allowing to sink in;
    Like eating too quickly
    Pentecost invites you to look at this, look for this, for your good, and the good of others.
  • Rising and Arising

    Rising and Arising


    (Thursday and again on Sunday we celebrate Ascension Day! We commemorate Jesus' last day on earth, and the first day of our sacred assignment: to continue the work he began. What does that mean to you?)

    After he rose, he arose!

    Jesus stuck around for forty days, basking in the miracle of new life following his resurrection before he did something just as magical: standing before his disciples 40 days after his return from the grave, he was lifted up and ascended on high into heaven.

    But before he did this, he promised the disciples that power would come their way, in 10 days time, the Holy Spirit of ambition, assertiveness, adventure, and imagination would come upon them, convincing them that love is the answer,

    And giving them boldness to go do more of what Jesus did, heal the sick, encourage the downtrodden;

    And teach a new way of living, not based in revenge and selfishness, but love, sharing, and selflessness.

    Ascension Day is about the handing over of God's work from the teacher, to the students.

    We do well to imitate that teacher, to look toward Jesus as the source of our power and inspiration;

    To embody his vision of a whole world that respects, assists, and loves one another, eschewing the temptations to hoard, dominate, and embrace a small, myopic view of life.

    Let us also rise and arise to the challenge before us, to worship, obey, and imitate our ascended Lord.
  • You Just Got a Promotion!

    You Just Got a Promotion!


    You just got a promotion - will you take it?

    That's right, Jesus whom we call Lord, has actually asked us to call him "friend!"

    It's a subtle change in how the Lord considers you and me - no longer as servants, but as friends (John 15 in this Sunday's gospel).

    What does this mean to be a friend? Well, it asks us to up our game. 

    Friends share equal status and responsibility for making the relationship work and making the work go forward. Moving out of the servant's quarters, and into a corner office means we not only enjoy a better salary, benefits, and snazzy title, but we also have responsibilities and the duties that the servant never had.

    Our promotion allows us to grow up, to live into our potential, and to be the driving force of positive change in the world God created us to be. I think this Sunday's gospel asks us to contemplate what kind of relationship we want with Jesus - and that he has made it clear that he wants to partner with us - doing the difficult but needful work of self-sacrifice, reconciliation, healing, and love.

    Let us take a moment and contemplate this blessed promotion and do our part to be a good friend.
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