• Rising and Arising


    (Thursday and again on Sunday we celebrate Ascension Day! We commemorate Jesus' last day on earth, and the first day of our sacred assignment: to continue the work he began. What does that mean to you?)

    After he rose, he arose!

    Jesus stuck around for forty days, basking in the miracle of new life following his resurrection before he did something just as magical: standing before his disciples 40 days after his return from the grave, he was lifted up and ascended on high into heaven.

    But before he did this, he promised the disciples that power would come their way, in 10 days time, the Holy Spirit of ambition, assertiveness, adventure, and imagination would come upon them, convincing them that love is the answer,

    And giving them boldness to go do more of what Jesus did, heal the sick, encourage the downtrodden;

    And teach a new way of living, not based in revenge and selfishness, but love, sharing, and selflessness.

    Ascension Day is about the handing over of God's work from the teacher, to the students.

    We do well to imitate that teacher, to look toward Jesus as the source of our power and inspiration;

    To embody his vision of a whole world that respects, assists, and loves one another, eschewing the temptations to hoard, dominate, and embrace a small, myopic view of life.

    Let us also rise and arise to the challenge before us, to worship, obey, and imitate our ascended Lord.

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