• The One Question

    I had lunch this week with a man whose daughter was killed in a mass shooting.

    Such a faithful, conscientious, determined soul, one rarely meets!

    I held back tears as he described the tragic incident, what he did on that day, and what he was doing now.

    Amidst the questions and the mystery behind why this terrible event struck such a wonderful family, his great obsession was with the most important question we can all ask in the face of any problem, setback, or tragedy:

    What good can come out of this?

    Instead of getting bogged down with that looming question that has no answer: why? my friend has made the decision to be utterly consumed with the question of what?

    What good can come out of this?

    This Sunday we'll hear the horrid story of the Martyrdom of John the Baptist at the whimsy of the brutal King Herod, after a belly dance depicted in the artwork above.

    What were John's friends and followers to do in the face of such senseless tragedy?

    I think my friend understands.

    He knows how needful it is to concern ourselves with productive acts of love, and not gloomy, thoughts of regret.

    What good can come out of this?

    That has been my friend's choice and it's a good one

    How do we need to do the same thing?

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