• We Don't Need a State Weapon


    I'm sure they're good people, but a handful of gun rights legislators put forth a terrible bill in the Michigan legislature to make the AR-15 rifle the official State weapon.

    It's silly and it's sad, first, because of the optics, the AR-15 used in five of the 10 deadliest mass shootings in the nation, including Sandy Hook, Las Vegas, and parkland. Is that an appropriate state symbol?

    It's silly because the majority of state residents do not own a gun, much less an AR-15, in a democratically LED State, so this will never pass.

    And on the heels of the Surgeon General's declaration of gun violence as a public health threat, our limited resources need to be used, not putting forth clickbait legislation, but compromising and coming together to address this scourge of gun violence.

    As Christians, our job isn't so much to criticize the government or commend the government as it is to be a moral conscience, the Bible reminds us that our time here is short, and we need positive change now!

    We have good people in our legislature that can come up with good compromises!  This bill is not one of them.

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