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    It's one of the clearest statements in the Bible, the prophet Micah asks, 'What does the Lord require of you? But to do justice...'

    Maybe you wonder why the richest society ever, allows one in 8 people to live in poverty; Why the top 1% richest people pay a lower percentage of their wealth in taxes than the rest of us; or why women still make less than 80 cents in the dollar compared to men?

    God did not make you feel uncomfortable, to annoy you, but to inspire you!

    Don't ignore the inequalities that bother you! But dig down and see why they are there! Find a way to constructively channel your emotions.

    This Sunday we will hear about the start of Jesus' ministry - in which he rooted himself in prayer then said, 'Let's go...'

    Let's go! is still our rallying cry. There are all kinds of groups working for all kinds of crucial societal change, that need our attention! Fight the temptation to disengage and ignore, and rationalize.

    You were put here to make positive change in the world.

    Of course, God's call is usually messy, uncomfortable, inconvenient, costly, maybe even dangerous.

    But this is why you are so smart,
    This is why you are so rich,
    This is why you have the relationships you do
    What does s the Lord require of you? To do justice.


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