• How We Make Idols...


    Conversations over politics ever separated you from anybody?

    Happens too often, doesn't it? And among religious people, who may be forgetting how Christ came to unite the world in love, not divide it in fear.

    We love when we seek common ground, living into our ministry of reconciliation, 2 cor 5.
    We divide when we amplify difference.

    Winning arguments, then,  having it our way, insisting on not compromising is an idol when we choose being right over being in relationship!

    'Im not talking with that person, they voted this way!' is not an option.

    The Apostle Paul got it.
    This weekend we'll hear him say, if my eating meat offends my neighbor I'll skip the meat and keep the neighbor.

    Following Jesus means putting others first not just when we agree, but especially when we disagree.

    Look for common ground.
    Seek compromise.
    Putting others first, as Christ did with us, is the essence of the gospel, let us go out and do likewise. 

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