• Turning Over Tables


    What makes you mad?

    For Jesus, it was injustice - seeing hypocrisy, greed, and selfishness playing out - as religious people built walls of separation between God and God's people - denying them of what we all yearn for - wholeness, abundance, peace, and connection with their creator.

    Did you notice that Jesus didn't sit around.
    He staged a dramatic protest.
    He made it known that he was not going to stand by idly in the face of injustice.

    And in so doing, he teaches you and me how to channel our own voices of protest.

    You and I were not created to sit idly by as our hearts get similarly pierced by the injustices all around us!

    What's making your blood boil?
    What's got your Godly anger piqued?
    Did God give you that emotion so you could suppress it?

    To carry on Jesus work means to engage in our own dramatic protest - we see injustice around us!
    Where do you see it?

    As God led Jesus to champion the rights of the oppressed, how are we being similarly led?

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