Three guy are sitting around a table at a the bar, one says I'm so relieved, I finally paid off my car loans!
    The second guy says I'm so relieved I finally paid off my school loans!
    Is there any paid off my mortgage!

    So the first guy says I propose a toast,
    We all stand up,
    And one of the guys says, "now we can all concentrate on the biggest debt of all!"

    They laughed and drank because they knew that now they could be serious about the one debt we all carry and is the most satisfying to pay off - the debt of Love.

    On Sunday we will hear St. Paul invite us to ‘owe nothing to anyone, except the debt of love.'

    Freely each one of us have been given council, guidance, protection, comfort, peace, joy, and an ability to be hopeful about the world, All things that God has freely given us, and ask us to pass on to others.

    Today, pay it back, by passing it on! 

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