• Cubbyholes

    “I just can’t stop worrying about my parents,” a friend confided in me.

    He was concerned about their declining health, where they were going to live, and how they were going to begin to divest the contents of a home they’d occupied for five decades.

    “And I’m so mad at myself for worrying so much,” he said, as if that helped matters.

    My friend gives voice to a lot of our misspent energies, which we while away on worrying.

    Jesus knew this, which is why his most frequent advice to his disciples was not to worry.

    Of course, FYI Jesus, this is much easier said than done.

    What may help though, is a cubbyhole exercise.

    Imagine taking that concern, aging parents, financial pressures, health concerns, whatever, and putting them into a cubbyhole. Imagine this is one of many cubbyholes on the wall. Then envision taking something else out of another cubbyhole. Maybe it’s a briefcase to help concentrate on work, or a teddy bear to engage more fully with children or grandchildren. Or maybe it’s a fishing pole so a little R&R can help us clear our minds.

    Tell yourself you’ve spent enough time worry about that particular concern, and now it’s time to occupy our thoughts differently. And, if it helps, promise yourself you'll return to it later. Just, not now.

    It’s important to remember that we worry about things that mean a lot to us – in other words, worry is a way we value things. And if you’re like me you’d rather be around someone who cares too much than too little.

    So let’s be easy on ourselves. Forgive ourselves. Put things in their proper place. And remember to fear not, we’re in God’s hands, all will be well.
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