• Epiphanies

    There’s a humorous Islamic parable about a man who loses his keys in his house then goes outside to look for them.

    “What are you doing?” asks his wife,
    “Why aren’t you looking for your keys inside?”
    “Oh,” says the man,
    “The light is much better out here.”

    How often we go looking for things in easy places! As we bypass the places where they may actually be found.

    Think of the stereotypical drunk looking for happiness in alcohol (classified as a depressant no less!). Or love in a pick-up joint. Or weight loss at the ice cream store (frozen yogurt is only 100 calories!).

    The ‘fast, fun, and easy’ have deep hooks in us. God only knows how they convince us that this is where we’ll find our keys…

    That’s why, for a few chilly weeks each year, Christians try to pay particular attention to epiphanies. These are life’s small reminders that awaken us, and shed light on the truth all around. Epiphanies remind us of reality; they tell us we are loved and worth loving, we are at our best when we give to others, and we do well to look for our keys where we lost them.

    This is Epiphany’s challenge: will we take the hard road to solving our problems? Will we realize that the best way is not the leisurely walk around, but to plow through? Will we take responsibility, accountability, and initiative? May the Light of revelation show us the way.
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