• Thanksgiving Diet Suggestions...

    Since Thanksgiving is all about feasting, here are a few suggestions.

    Starve the urge to want more, feed the urge to be thankful for what we have.
    Starve the urge to worry about not our lack, feed the urge to believe God will provide.
    Starve the urge to believe we’re inadequate, feed the urge that says we’re enough.
    Starve the urge to drink past your limit, feed the urge to connect with those around us.
    Starve the urge to eat more than we should, feed on the urge to stay balanced.
    Starve the urge to talk only to those you know, feed the urge to connect with new people.
    Starve the urge to believe we’re on our own, feast on the urge that says we are not alone.
    Starve the urge to be overwhelmed, feast on the idea that all will work out in God’s time.
    Starve the urge to speak ill of others, feast on the urge to compliment.
    Starve the urge of self-centeredness, feast on the urge to pitch in.

    Bon app├ętit-

    Fr. Chris+ 
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